A beautiful lake 15 minutes away from Playa del carmen

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory

Enjoy nature

Enjoy nature

Enjoy nature

The Project Relax at a beautiful lake

The Lake

The lake Ranchokalan has drinking water quality. Swimming in it is an amazing experience.

The lots

Each lot has 1000 squaremeter, and you can build 100 squaremeter house with a first floor of 50 squaremeter.


We provide a road to each lot, and a bicycle road to the lake.


Get Electricity via solar panels, water from the ground and sewage via bio-digestors.

Who We AreAbout

Like every good story it starts like this

Once upon a time we decided to get away from the densely populated areas so we could live, breath and meditate nature. A good friend of us introduced us to this peaceful area close to the small village of Juarez that until today still is a blank spot on most maps, but only 23 kilometers (15miles) away from the hot spot Playa del Carmen. We instantly fell in love with this lake, where a sea hawk was sitting on top of a small hut, observing us curiously. Nevertheless, we were still uncertain if we should really go and invest in the area and drove home. Over the next days we kept dreaming and talking about this lake and decided to go have another look at it. We got there, swam a little, enjoyed the absolute peaceful surroundings with no human noise at all and watched the sea hawk again sitting on the same spot. While we where talking about the ups and downs of a probably buying here, he suddenly flew up, over us and dropped a feather, that landed 6 feet away. So, if you believe in signs or not, I would say they don’t come much clearer than this! A Lake that comes with a personal “guardian” sure sold me.The mayan name for guardian is Kalan, and will stay with us for good!

My wife and I had long, long talks about the meanings of healing, energies and being healthy and the answer to life, the universe and everything else did not quite add up to be 42, rather (at least for us) to be having the space and time to develop each’s individual personal, spiritual way of living and finding the amenities to do so! First course of action: getting away from the over crowded area we lived in and hence not having to absorb its sometimes-dreadful energies. But living a recluse monk style life is not in our blood either, we are social beings after all. So next step was finding a natural habitat, that allows us to on one hand enjoy nature to the fullest, but also gives like minded people the possibility to join us and create a selfsustained ecofriendly community where the housing areas will be patchwork like spots within the surrounding nature that do not disrupt or damage the environment. Within our roughly 250-acres (surrounded by a protected natural jungle) only 45 will be designated for housing, some for growing areas/small scale organic farming, a club house on the lake, meditation and yoga hall, but most property will stay park like with path ways for walking and cycling.

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Watch the videoWithout health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering - an image of death.

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